A partnership with Beyond Balanced Books means that you’ll have the expertise, without the costs associated with a full-time accounting employee.

Your books will be done right the first time: with no expensive clean-up or adjustment bills from your tax accountant or CPA.

We offer a variety of services including moving your accounting to QuickBooks Online or Xero, ongoing bookkeeping, reviewing your existing accounting data, and cleaning up your data.

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Ongoing Bookkeeping

Efficient accounting.  Access from anywhere.  Ease of use.  This is all possible with our cloud accounting solutions and our ongoing bookkeeping services.  We offer a wide range of ongoing packages that not only manage your essential accounting tasks but also provide you with the information you value most.

Most packages include reports and regular meetings with us so that we can help you understand the story behind your numbers.

We offer a complimentary call with one of our team members to see if we are a good fit for each other.  


Set-up of your QBO or Xero file

We can help you move to the cloud!

Whether you are needing to have your accounting set-up for a brand new company, you are moving from a desktop solution such as QuickBooks Desktop, you are moving from another accounting system, or even if you have been keeping track of your data with a manual system or Excel, we can help you to transition to QuickBooks Online or Xero.

Once you switch to the cloud, you will never want to go back!

We offer a complimentary call to discuss your specific needs and to see what cloud-based accounting solution is best for you.

QBO or Xero Checkup

Do you already have a QuickBooks Online or Xero file? if so, we begin with a Checkup when working with new clients that have an existing accounting file. The purpose of this “check-up” is to ascertain the health of the data.

The Checkup will reveal any areas in your data that need attention.  We review more than 60 areas in your accounting file and provide recommendations on what next steps are needed to address what we uncover. 

QBO or Xero Cleanup

We go over the Checkup Report with you to determine how best to clean up your QuickBooks Online or Xero file.  There could be some areas that you can take care of on your own.  There are other areas that our best suited for our team of experienced professionals to take care of.

We can get your accounting records to be accurate so that you can start to understand the story that your numbers is telling so that you can make good business decisions.

Once your books are cleaned up we can then begin working with you with ongoing bookkeeping. 

Beyond Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is evolving. As modern bookkeepers, we keep up with the latest technology advancements and bookkeeping trends.

We keep it simple, we get it done.