Add-Ons we like

To complement our systems here at Beyond Balanced Books, we have identified these add-on applications as ‘best fit’ with both Xero and our practice:


We love Gusto, starting with their line “Payroll and benefits that put people first”.

We work closely with Gusto and recommend it highly. Gusto handles all the federal, and state deposits and filings for you. Head over to Gusto to find out more.


Hubdoc allows you to import financial documents (or take a photo of them using your smartphone!), reconcile the information, and export the data for you to use.

Hubdoc also helps us to keep your information centralized, so we work more efficiently for you.  You can find out more about Hubdoc here.


Expense accounting can be a drag. But it can get out of control quickly, especially if you are trying to remember everything as a small business owner, or are overseeing staff who work remotely.

Via Expensify, you can import all card transactions, code easily and capture mileage and time via smartphone scanning.


Harvest is fantastic time tracking application with a multitude of functions based around time tracking and project management.

Harvest enables you to bill time efficiently, and stay on budget. Features include timesheets, reporting and invoicing.


SmartVault delivers all the benefits of a cloud drive with the best-in-class security features for your business.

You can use SmartVault right from Xero.  With SmartVault you can have one solution to store and share all your files.


Receipt Bank

Receipt Bank extracts key information from your bills and receipts and pushes the information directly to Xero.  It also attaches a copy of the receipt to the spend money or bill transaction in Xero. We use Receipt Bank with Xero and it works effortlessly.