IMG0871Our Foundation

“I feel that we’re on a brink, where accounting will be very different from what it was in the past”

– Beyond Balanced Books Founder Cindy Hovig

With over 30 years of experience, Cindy’s ultimate focus has always been understanding what’s best for the client and providing the right accounting and bookkeeping services for their business. 

Cloud accounting software – the core of our operation

As early adopters of both QuickBooks Online and Xero, we love working in the cloud. It’s accessible, it’s straightforward.

We believe you will agree with our mindset: work hard, work simply, avoid complications, get it done right the first time.

We make sure our bookkeeping and accounting services are always at the forefront of technology and best practice. Beyond Balanced Books has ensured its bookkeeping services has kept moving with the times. We have been working in the cloud for more than 15 years and we have the accounting experience to show.

We’d love to hear from you and see what we can do to help you. Inquire now.

Our values – what is important to us

Honesty is very important to us. We’re total bookkeeping devotees, and we love problem-solving. We piece complex puzzles together and help you understand the moving pieces. 

We love working with people who appreciate the work we do and the results we get for our clients. Mutual respect means a lot to us.

We’re also really proud of our people. Each and every staff member is an invaluable part of the Beyond Balanced Books team. 

Technology and people combine to offer you the best possible bookkeeping service. 


Cindy Hovig has been bookkeeping for over 30 years. Recognized within the industry as a thought leader, early adopter of modern technologies and a passion for people, Cindy’s pride in clean recordkeeping and promotion of educating people has ensure her staff are of the utmost capability when it comes to your accounts.

“I like working with young people, because they have fresh eyes with accounting. And they seem to have an ability to see what the future of accounting is”
– Cindy Hovig


Beyond Balanced Books is a company that has grown organically through the right people identifying with the culture of nurturing and standing by one’s work, absolutely.


Beyond Balanced Books treats its clients’ investment into their services with the utmost respect. We’re not just here to solve one problem and push you out the door with a bill: we’re here to help you foster your business and grow with you.


Clean records: bookkeeping done right, and done well. Our processes guarantee efficiency and ensure accuracy, completed with a professionalism and enthusiasm that is second-to-none.


We operate virtually from Silicon Valley. You don’t need to take time out of your busy schedule to bring records and accounts down to us. We offer ongoing service packages that will keep your business ticking along. It’s easy!

“Small businesses are actually asking for different things from the accounting and bookkeeping people in their lives. They don’t want to wait months to receive reports. They expect things and to be able to access things on their phone at any time.” – Cindy Hovig