My second Xerocon has come and went quickly but it was a blast! Cindy has been to all six of the Xerocons in the Americas and she usually takes someone from the team with her each year. This year was my turn to go, and you better believe that I was excited to hear that Xerocon would be in San Diego! Cindy and I started making our travel plans to make it a little bit of a vacation to boot. The day before Xerocon we explored Coronado Island and my personal highlights were seeing the famous Hotel Del Coronado and of course going to Coronado Brewery!

Jam Off

The night before Xerocon we were invited to a party where Cindy and Craig Walker, the CTO of Xero, competed in a Jam Off to see whose jam would win. The party really was a highlight of the trip because it was small and intimate and allowed everyone to mingle and get to talk to each other. What I liked about this experience was that I really experienced the human aspect of Xero. Xero is made up of humans that like doing human things, such as making jam. It was a really fun event! Craig won the Jam Off, but we were happy for him and his jam was awesome! (Cindy’s is awesome too by the way)


Product Releases

The conference was “jam-packed” with different activities.

I always look forward to the product keynote to see what Xero has been working on to make our lives easier. Two of the new releases/improvements that we feel could impact our clients are data automation and simplified payments.

Data Automation – You probably already know that Xero has acquired Hubdoc and Hubdoc is now a Xero company. This is really great because it makes Xero even better with data automation. Automation is the future. The better automation and data extracting we can do the quicker we can get the job done for our clients. 

Simplified Payments – We all want to get paid faster! Cash flow is a real problem for many small business owners. Xero has partnered with Stripe so there is a better payment experience. You can add Stripe as a payment service when you send invoices from Xero. Another new cool thing coming soon is that will be able to set up auto pay in Xero with Stripe so that payments can be processed automatically on the invoice due date. This will be a game changer for many small businesses that have recurring charges.  Also announced was the ability to collect payments through the Stripe terminal from a phone. We are very excited about these new options to help our clients get paid even faster! 

App Partners at Xerocon

This year there were more than 40 Xero App Partners at Xerocon.  We always enjoy visiting the booths of the many apps that we already use with our clients.  In addition one of my favorite aspects of Xerocon is learning about and seeing demos from new (or at least new to me) Xero App Partners.  Since we are always on the lookout for what is new and upcoming, we were excited to learn more about the next generation of banking as highlighted with the new direct bank feed with Xero with Novo. There were also new apps for payroll, reporting, dashboards and so much more! We left Xerocon with a list of apps that we want to look into further.

Xero Community

We love the community aspect of Xero and that is what you really experience going to Xerocon. Between the Jam-Off and the various times to get to know and mingle with fellow Xero partners, we felt the love of the Xero Community.  During one of the keynotes, they even shared a video that included three of our team members.  That was fun to see! 

Xerocon is always a fun and educational event!