Do you, like our bookkeeping company and many of our clients, use both Gusto and Xero?  If so, you may have received an email from Gusto letting you know that deeper integration between the two systems is now live.

It is quite simple to enable this integration.  If you received an email from Gusto, you just need to click on the link Activate Xero payroll integration.  Or in Gusto, you can go to Settings>Integrations and edit your Xero Payroll Integration by clicking on edit.

View in Gusto:

Once you have enabled the integration you will notice that there is a new Payroll tab in Xero.

View In Xero:


What is really nice about this deeper integration is that you can easily toggle between the two platforms now without having to sign in again.

Read more about the Gusto and Xero partnership here.