Xero Support is a nice feature that Xero offers when you encounter any issues with the product. Beginning on January 25, 2019, Xero will change how they deliver support. Support will be through Xero Central. To get to Xero Central, go to either the help icon in Xero or go directly to support.xero.com from any device. 

There will be no need to email Xero when you need help. When you contact Xero Support, a case ticket will be created. You will be able to see your cases, keep track of your questions and answers, and see who has been assisting with your case. This improvement will make it easier to track your cases, especially if you have multiple open cases. 

There will still be Xero Support articles available. Xero Central will also suggest relevant support articles when you ask your question. 

Xero Central will be where you will go to access your cases and see a list of open and closed cases. When you use My cases in Xero Central, it will be a one-to-one conversation between you and Xero. This keeps your information secure.

We are really excited to try My cases in Xero Central! It will be a great way to keep track of any questions and issues, it will be organized, and of course, it will be beautiful.

Watch this Video from Xero to see how the new Xero support works.