Last week Jessica and I attended the Xero Roadshow in San Francisco.  We always enjoy attending live events. Since all of our team members work remotely, it is rare for us to be able to work together in person.  Jessica and I went up to San Francisco the day before the Roadshow to spend the afternoon together and do some brainstorming about the business as well.

I wanted to share some takeaways about the Roadshow with you.

The Product

We always enjoy learning more about the Xero product.  Even though we work with Xero every day there is always something new to be learned.  It was no different at this Xero Roadshow. Some of the newer features were briefly demonstrated.

For example, did you know that you can create a new transaction in Xero from the Xero Files Inbox?  This was new to me. If you select a file in the Xero Inbox and click on Add to new, you can choose the create a new Sales Invoice, Bill, Expense Claim Receipt, Receive Money, or Spend Money transaction.  Once you choose the type of transaction you want to create, a copy of the file pops up on the left hand of the screen.  This allows you to find the Contact, Date, and other information you need for the new transaction. And once you approve the transaction, the file is attached to the new transaction.  Easy!

Xero has built some special features for accountants and bookkeepers in the product as well.  Some of these were shown. When a software company builds tools that help the accountants and bookkeepers using their product, it makes us feel good.  And the best part is that these tools help us to be able to serve our clients better too.

The People

The Xero Community is great!  There were Xero Partners from all over the country at our event.  We enjoyed meeting new Partners (at least new to us) and catching up with Partners that we have met over the years.  It is always exciting to hear how the businesses of other Xero Partners are evolving.

The last session of the Xero Roadshow was of a panel of three local Xero Partners.  They shared their stories about their journey with using Xero. I think this was my favorite session of the day.  The Xero Community is very willing to share. The Partners interviewed shared not only about when they did things well with building their businesses but also shared some of the pitfalls they encountered along the way.  People helping people is a beautiful thing.

There were quite a few of the Xero team members at the Roadshow too.  We enjoyed meeting some new faces and visiting with many that we have met over the years at similar events.

The Partnerships

There have been a couple of big announcements made by Xero in the past few months.  One of the announcements was that Xero has acquired Hubdoc. We were very excited when this was announced as we are big fans of Hubdoc.  Hubdoc makes our and our client’s lives so much easier by retrieving bank and credit card statements, and other documents automatically. There was a brief demonstration on how Hubdoc works with Xero given.

Another big announcement in the past few months was that Xero will no longer be offering US payroll within the core product and that Gusto is the preferred payroll partner with Xero.  We are big fans of Gusto too. We have been using Gusto for our own firm’s payroll for many years and have many of our clients on Gusto We are happy with the current integration between Gusto and Xero and am looking forward to an even deeper integration in the future.

Live events such as the Xero Roadshow are great to attend they help us to stay up to date with the latest happenings.