This past month has been big for Xero. First, they announced that they have partnered with Gusto, and a couple of weeks later they announced that they have acquired Hubdoc. This means that Hubdoc is now part of the Xero family. Being that we love Xero and that we love Hubdoc, you can imagine that we are very excited about this latest announcement! We have been actively using Hubdoc for quite a few years now. In fact, we won the 2017 Xero Partnership Impact Award with Hubdoc. This acquisition is a great thing because it will mean more improvements for Hubdoc and Xero.  We can hardly wait to see how Hubdoc will become even more integrated into Xero. This is a win-win for all!

What Hubdoc and Xero are already doing:

  • Streamlined data capture – the data is auto fetched, key details are extracted and then it is seamlessly synced with Xero.
  • Real-time financial data – Xero can automatically match data imported form Hubdoc with bank feed transaction so that everything stays up to date and their clients can be even more informed.
  • Organized and verified data – Hubdoc makes sure that their data is always organized, secure, and always available.

According to the Xero announcement, “The Hubdoc team will continue to operate on a stand-alone basis as we work to identify the best way to integrate our product roadmaps. Over the longer-term, customers can expect to see a deeper, more powerful integration between the Xero and Hubdoc platforms. While we’re excited about this integration, it’s also important to note that Xero will always be an open ecosystem. That means that customers have the choice to use the apps that best meet their individual needs.” 

Some things Hubdoc and Xero plan to focus on for the future:

  • Further enhancing Xero’s AI and machine learning features
  • Advancing the “financial web” strategy
  • Boosting a Xero presence in Canada

We think that this is pretty exciting news and we can’t wait to see how the future unfolds with this new relationship between Hubdoc and Xero.