Xero has released some exciting things in the last few months and we want to make sure you know about them! Today we will be focusing on invoicing improvements because you know how we love invoicing (and getting paid!).

Invoicing gets a makeover

These are some of the big changes to invoicing within Xero:

  • Your changes are saved automatically as you create and edit an invoice. And you can easily preview an invoice.
  • You can show and hide fields in your invoice to suit your business. Only certain fields are shown in your final approved invoice.
  • You can add a contact on the go. As you’re creating an invoice for a new contact, you can save the contact and add some basic information about them to your records in Xero.
  • You can edit inventory items within your invoice.

Most commonly used due dates for the invoice are available in a drop down. Once selected, the date is automatically updated for you. Every time you enter information into an invoice, Xero learns from your selections for subsequent invoices. For example, Xero suggests an account for each item based on what it knows from your previous sales.

Invoicing is such an important business task.  We love how Xero helps you to get your invoicing and other vital business tasks done quickly and with some elegance.  We think these invoice updates are exciting and we will continue to post about other exciting updates and features that come to Xero.

Here is a great video that we like that talks all about the new invoice changes: