Did you hear the big news? Gusto and Xero have partnered! We are thrilled to hear this as we love Xero (obviously) and we love and use Gusto too, read here for what we wrote about Gusto awhile back.

Gusto is a full-service payroll solution that is available for all 50 states. Gusto helps you with onboarding new employees, taking care of taxes, cash flow issues and more. It is found that small businesses using Gusto spend 75 percent less time to manage employee payroll than before they started using Gusto. We love Gusto because it is all in the cloud and you can check it at any time. As an employee, I will often log in and check my vacation days just from the click of my finger on my phone. I also really like the payday emails I get. If payday isn’t enough to brighten your day then a cheery eye pleasing email sure goes pretty far. 

Benefits to Gusto

  • Gusto makes Payroll easy! It enables businesses to run payroll online with modern software. All payroll taxes are automatically paid.
  • The data is synched and automated. Gusto syncs payroll and financial data with Xero.
  • HR built in. Gusto integrates with workers compensation, benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and human resources making that area less taxing on you. 

Benefits of Xero/Gusto integration:

  • There will be a single sign-on. Gusto’s product will be deeply integrated with the Xero platform and you will be able to seamlessly access your Gusto account using your Xero credentials.
  • Xero will be updated every time payroll is run, providing an always up-to-date view of cash flow. 
  • Small businesses will be able to grant their bookkeeper or accountant permission to manage payroll and generate payroll reports within Xero. 

We are really excited about these features and we hope you are too! Don’t worry we will be with our clients every step of the way to transition to this feature if you choose to do so!