We have been able to tell you a little bit about our fun BBB Team Retreat, such as how we had a great Afternoon Tea event, but we wanted to tell you more about what we did and what we learned. Follow along with us and we relive our team retreat in Pacific Grove, California! We will talk about some of the highlights and some of the sessions we had.


We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful area. Pacific Grove is right next to Monterey and only about an hour away from BBB Headquarters. Since we all work remotely, this was a really special event to be able to all get together in person and work collaboratively. You know we love the cloud but it’s hard to compare working face to face and laughing and having fun. We had a lot of fun at our retreat! And also being made up mostly of foodies we ate really well!

Day 1

We all arrived at various times on Sunday and that evening we ordered pizza in and all hung out at our rental house. We even brought a few beers from a local brewery and tried them too.

Monday was the official start of the retreat and we had sessions planned all day and Afternoon Tea in the afternoon. On Monday we traded off presenting to each other and on Tuesday we had some of our favorite app partners present to us either in person or via webinar. It was a really nice system.

The first session we had on Monday was the Pre-Retreat Session and this was on bullet journaling by me! I based it on the popular blog post I did on bullet journaling and we started by giving the team their own bullet journals and colorful pens and they really seemed to like it!

The next session was called BBB Big Picture and Cindy presented this. We learned a lot in this session and learned how our small business is growing. One thing we want to make sure and focus on is giving Five Star service to our clients at all times.

Next up, we had a session with Jessica on Working Together as a Unified Team and we learned lots of things on how to work more efficiently and effectively as a team. We learned how to improve internal and client communication. Jessica had a really funny demonstration of using procedures and had Katie try to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich using poorly written procedures. The results were hilarious. The point was made how important it is to provide detailed procedures.

The last session of the day was on BBB team roles and Cindy presented this one with Amanda’s help. In this session, we discussed what our roles are and also what each of our strengths are as well. We took personality tests and learned more about each team members personality type that and how we could use them to benefit ourselves and the business. It was a really enlightening session. I think we all had fun and learned a lot.

After those sessions were done we got ready for Afternoon Tea!

Day 2

Tuesday was a lot of fun and we had presentations from other people. We started off with an informative webinar from Hubdoc that we all really seemed to enjoy and find informative. Next up we had a live in-person seminar from Aero Workflow, the project management software we use. Sarah from Aero came all the way from the East Bay to be with us and teach us some informative tips and tricks from Aero HQ. We had a wonderful catered lunch that was very tasty, and then back for more in the afternoon. We had a presentation from Xero and we learned all about Xero HQ and ways we can be utilizing it more with our clients. Next up we had a live presentation from Tom at Auto Entry that was really interesting! We will definitely be using Auto Entry when the need arises. Our last session was called “It’s a Wrap” and we went over some main points that we learned and talked about what our highlights were and what we plan to implement individually. It was a great day and we all walked away feeling like we had learned a lot.

There are so many things we took away from the retreat! It was really nice to be together working under one roof. We have a really fun culture at BBB and we got to experience it a lot on the retreat. We look forward to implementing the things we learned and hope you can benefit from them too.