The BBB Team recently went on a team retreat and we had so much fun! It was nice to bond and spend time together since we all work remotely. We worked hard, did a lot of team building, and also had a lot of fun. I guess you can say that we are multitaskers! One of the highlights of our time was that we rented out a tea room and had our very own tea party there. Grab a cuppa and hear about our “afternoon tea.”

Afternoon Tea

I had come up with a cute saying “High Tea with BBB” for the excursion. But as we learned more about tea and the history of it all, it turns out that “high tea” is actually not the proper term of what we had in mind. Us Americans tend to think of “high tea” as the classy tea experience but historically “high tea” actually comes from taking your tea at a bar stool and refers to a poor man’s meal of the time. The proper term for the tea that we did is called “afternoon tea” and it was perfect. Also, it was right on time as we had our tea party at 4:00 pm.

The Perfect Venue

We had our afternoon tea party at the White Hart in Pacific Grove. It was perfect! It’s an old Victorian home that was built in 1893 and was the family home of Doctor Andrew Jackson Hart. It has been converted into a tea house and venue for parties. I highly suggest going there if you are ever in Pacific Grove California. They are open to the public every other weekend for tea, and the rest of the time they are available for private parties. 

The Tea Party

We got there at 4:00 pm and we took a little tour of the place. It was so cute! The hosts told us all about the history of the White Hart while they fixed our tea and poured us some champagne too. 

We wanted to take lots of pictures while we were there and somehow I was nominated as the photographer. So I spent some time getting pictures of all of us and also pictures of us separately as well. They came out really nice. 

Now it was time to have tea and eat our yummy treats! We all got to choose the tea that we wanted and we got our own pots of unlimited tea of our choice. Mine was really good! I chose Lady Grey because it was similar to Earl Gray. We all chose different teas and shared them with each other. The food we had to go with the tea included these goodies: 

  • Wild-caught smoked salmon mousse in puff pastry shell
  • Sharp New York cheddar with fire-roasted jalapeño and bell pepper on sourdough crostini
  • Coronation Chicken sandwich with mango, freshly squeezed lime, Indian chutney, and California almonds
  • English cucumber sandwich with shallot and chive aioli
  • Applesauce-cinnamon miniature Bundt cakes
  • Meyer lemon tarts with real mango whipping cream
  • “Presidential” pecan brownies (from pastry chef to the White House)
  • Hand-dipped chocolate strawberries

Everything was so delicious. We ate our yummy treats and drank lots of tea and enjoyed our selves. It was a great team bonding activity because it was something we were all into but something new for all of us too. Even if we had gone to tea before it was never quite like this experience where we had a Victorian house all to ourselves for a tea party! Thanks for reading along about our fun afternoon tea experience!