You may have heard that Beyond Balanced Books won the Xero Awards 2017 for Partnership Impact with our friends from Hubdoc. You can read all about the award here. It was such an honor to win this award and we had the best trip to Napa ever! My mom (Cindy) found out about the award in late December and called me to ask if I would like to come to Napa with her. Um yes, please! Wine and cheese and the best restaurants in California (perhaps in the wold too…). I started packing my bags. 

The trip started on Wednesday, January 17th and we got picked up in a really nice car and had a driver from my parents home in Morgan Hill to the Xero office in San Fransisco. We had a great drive and even arrived in San Francisco a little early. I wanted to go explore the Ferry Building and Mom (Cindy) wanted to stay at the Xero office. I walked down to the Ferry Building -which is about a 10-minute walk.  It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed getting some steps in for the day (especially since I knew I would be eating well on this trip). I walked around the Ferry Building and thought I was in foodie heaven. I bought some sourdough bread (Acme Bread Company) cheese (Cowgirl Creamery) and chocolate (Dandelion Chocolate) and stuffed it all in my purse and went on my merry way. I was so excited for all my treats! Little did I know I would never be hungry on this whole trip. To be honest I still haven’t had my Dandelion Chocolate.  I’m saving it for the right occasion, but tonight is starting to look likely. (Update: I ate it and it was delicious!!)


When I got back to the Xero office, a lot of people had arrived there from all over US and Canada and we had some drinks and snacks. Then we boarded the bus to go to Napa. Now, this was no school bus, it was a really nice bus and we enjoyed the ride. When we arrived at the stunning Silverado Resort we were shown to our rooms (ginormous!) and then met up for a “slider bar, dessert bar and open bar” I was looking forward to it! Everything was really delicious and we received such lovely service from the staff there too. 

The next day we had a lot of exciting activities! We had free time in the morning. I slept in and had room service deliver me the best bagel and lox ever! It felt so luxurious having room service in my “Xero” robe. The Xero team was kind enough to gift us Xero robes that are so amazing and fluffy! I use mine almost every day. After breakfast, Mom and I decided to go to Oxbow Market and we had the most fun time there! Seriously, we spend almost 3 hours there. We perused the shops inside and had lunch at Gott’s Roadside. The coolest thing happened at Gott’s Roadside. We were sitting next to a big table, and a man was walking around with a tray of milkshakes. I said “hey I’ll take one of those” when he was next to my table and he gave me a milkshake! I chose chocolate and it was AMAZING. Like so so good. My mom and I shared the Dungeness Crab sandwich and I can’t stop thinking about it! So after the amazing milkshake, somebody from the table said to me “you know that was Joel Gott right?” I felt a little dumb because the only Joel Gott I knew of was the wine that I drink sometimes… Gott’s Roadside sure did make me wonder though, maybe I was missing something here. So after a quick Google search, I found out that Joel Gott owns a winery and Gott’s Roadside too. I ended up introducing myself and getting a picture with him. A bit embarrassing, but so worth it! Now can I please have another one of those milkshakes?! My life just hasn’t been the same since I had that. Next time I really want to try a burger there. I love a good burger. 

After our little outing, we went back to the hotel and freshened up for our activity. We were going to be wine blending! Well of course since we were in Napa after all. We had a great time doing it and learned a lot about the winemaking process. The winery that put it on for us was Judd’s Hill Winery and they did a really nice presentation. The exciting part was that the winning wine blend got processed and bottled all up and we all go to take a bottle home with us! It was such a great team building activity.

Next up we had the Xero Awards dinner. It was so exciting to be apart of the awards and receive the award for Partnership Impact along with Hubdoc. It was a great dinner too! I had the Chilean Sea Bass on a bed or creamy chickpeas. We felt so honored to be there with so many talented individuals and hear some of their stories too.


The next day we decided it was time to do some exploring while we were in Napa. We went to Mumm Napa first and split a flight of their different champagnes. It was so delicious and such a pretty facility. Next, we went to Yountville and walked around the town. We started at Bouchon Bakery and got some bread and macaroons for later. Then we went to the Bistro Jeanty for lunch and had a wonderful lunch. The food was French Cuisine and a little different than what we usually have, but so tasty and delicious. We shared the Crême de Tomate en Croute (tomato soup in a puff pastry) and it was the best tomato soup of my life. I can’t wait to go back and have it again one day. After that, we walked by French Laundry and walked in the gardens across the street. We then went to the Ma(i)sonry Napa Valley and had a wonderfully unique wine tasting experience there. We got our own little sitting area with a couch and cute decorations and our wine host asked us more about the likes and dislike we had in wine and then curated a sampling of some wines for us to try. It was fun! We really liked everything we tried. Our host shared some very interesting facts about the wineries that we tasted from and we enjoyed learning more about some of the smaller wineries in the area. Such a unique wine tasting experience, I would recommend it! After that, we picked up a few more snacks and made our way back to our hotel where we had a picnic style dinner of bread (Bouchon) cheese, charcuterie meats, and the macaroons too. It was a lovely way to decompress after a busy day exploring. 


So on our last day, we decided it was about time we went to a few wineries! I found a winery that I really wanted to go to called Regusci Winery and I put that on the list. We went to Silverado Winery first and enjoyed the view there. Next, we went to Regusci Winery and we LOVED it so much. We shared a wine tasting outside looking into the vineyards and our wine host was very attentive and taught us a lot about the wine. My mom and I both bought a bottle of wine there and I think it might be the best wine I have ever had in my life! We went to one last stop before we went home, Eleven Eleven Winery and we really enjoyed it. Again we received great customer service from our wine hostess and loved the set up that they had there. We had a fun time in Napa and are so thankful for Xero choosing us to win the Partnership Impact Award and treating us so well in Napa. We loved our trip to Napa with Xero.