For 2018, we will bring some of the highlights of the Xero Accelerate Workshop to the local community building and collaboration of Xero Hour. If you have not attended Xero’s Accelerate Workshop in the past, the workshop provides the tools and process framework to build a modern firm.

Throughout 2018, the topics of conversation each month will focus on key areas to help firms become a “Connected Advisor”.  By attending each month, attendees will benefit greatly and the program can help firms by providing an extra push. 

Here are the topics for the Xero Hours for 2018:

January: Connected Advisor
What does it mean to be a Connected Advisor and the steps to get there.

February: Connected Advisor

The path from traditional accounting to Connected Advisor.  Start small, have a plan. 


March: Purpose

Finding your purpose, what is your “why”?

April: After tax season party

May: Platform & Process
You need both process and the app stack to create the perfect platform.
How do you define and refine your platform?

June: Platform & Process
What’s in your stack? Is it well balanced to maximize efficiency and process?

July: Platform & Process
 A practical exercise.  What’s your platform & process?

August: Pricing
What are the best pricing models and how do you put them into practice?

September: Sales
Understand what a simple sales process looks like.

October: People
Ideas on how to recruit & retain great people.

November: Marketing
Are you communicating your “why” and measuring results?

December: Conversion
How do you identify the right client and what tools are available to you?

January 2019: Measuring success
Let’s pretend it’s still 2018… Do you know what your clients really think of

Doesn’t it look like a great program to be a part of? We hope to see you at our Xero Hour in San Jose throughout 2018 so we can all accelerate together. Check back for updates for when and where the Xero Hours are in San Jose.

There’s still time to sign up for the February Xero Hour.  It is Wednesday, February 21st and you can read all the details here.