We offer a service called a Xero Checkup. You might be wondering what exactly is included in our Xero Checkup. We want to share a little with you on what a Xero Checkup is and how having this service done is vital to making sure that your accounting information in Xero is working well for your business. 

What is a Xero Checkup?

We always begin with a Xero Checkup when working with a new client that has an existing Xero file. The purpose of this “checkup” is to ascertain the health of the Xero file. The Xero Checkup will reveal any areas in your Xero file that need attention. 

Think of the Xero Checkup to be similar to when you go to the doctor for an annual checkup.  You may feel that you are healthy, but your doctor may determine after performing some tests that there are areas to be concerned about.  The analysis done during your Xero Checkup may uncover areas you are not even aware of, that need attention for your accounting to be accurate.

During the Xero Checkup, we analyze more than 60 areas in your Xero file and also provide recommendations on what next steps are needed to address what we uncover.

Next Steps

There generally are three phases to the bookkeeping services we offer to new clients that have an existing Xero file:

  • Phase I – Xero Checkup
  • Phase II – Xero Cleanup
  • Phase III – Xero Ongoing Services

 Think again about your annual checkup with your doctor.  Oftentimes your doctor will follow-up with you after he or she has received the results of the various tests ordered.  Likewise, we include a remote session to discuss the results of the Xero Checkup analysis and our recommendations for any cleanup that needs to be done.  We then can determine together what pieces it makes sense for us to fix and what areas, perhaps, you can fix. We call this step the Xero Cleanup.

After your data has been cleaned up, we recommend your continuing the engagement with us with Xero Ongoing Services.  We offer three levels of ongoing services so that you can choose the option that works best for your needs.

We know your business is your baby. We want to help you to have good accounting information so that you can make good business decisions based on accurate and up-to-date information. Email us at info@bbbooksinc.com to get started with your Xero Checkup today!