I’ve been in the bookkeeping field for roughly five years. As I was looking back, I could not believe how much has changed in a relatively short time. Not only has bookkeeping undergone a sort of metamorphosis in that time, but there has been quite a bit of transformation here at BBB as well. I am pleased to report that they have all been welcome developments.

Hello Xero!

About five years ago, I joined the BBB team which at that time included just Cindy and myself. As Cindy’s first hire, I was thrilled to hear her vision about what she felt the future of BBB and of bookkeeping in general, would be. Shortly before hiring me, Cindy was introduced to Xero. When I was brought on board, I was also introduced to Xero. I recall Cindy’s enthusiastic expression as she told me about Xero and how she felt it was the future of bookkeeping. I was delighted as well when I had the opportunity to take a closer look. I could not believe what an elegant solution it was to so many of the bookkeeping headaches that I had experienced with other software. The fact that it could be accessed anywhere and anytime in the cloud was huge and the app completely blew my mind. Needless to say, I was fired up about Xero!

But as exciting as Xero is, what piqued my interest and inspired me, even more, was how ready Cindy was to look ahead and adopt emerging technology even though that would mean her having to change the way that she had been doing things for decades. And over the past five years, she continued to do that with every aspect of our work. When it was just the two of us, we mostly used email and Excel to collaborate on client work. Gradually we changed our mode of operations and as a result, this allowed for scalable growth. Now we use several solutions such as Slack, Google Sheets, and Zoom to collaborate with the team as well as our clients. What a contrast to the email and Excel days!

Go Team!

One of the most significant developments here at BBB over the last five years is the growth in our team. While I will always remember with fondness the days that it was Cindy and me, I really appreciate what the other team members have brought to BBB. With each hire, our team has become stronger and more efficient. I always thought that I really liked working alone and while in some ways that is still true, I have found that working with a team is extremely rewarding. Each team member has a different set of experiences and attributes that they bring to the table. Being able to throw ideas around with a coworker is invaluable. I can’t say how many times I’ve been stuck on a problem and sent a Slack message to one of my coworkers and “Bing!” there’s the answer I needed. Not to mention how fun it is to work with friends!

Reminiscing about the last five years has filled me with gratitude that I’ve been able to witness all this growth here at BBB and in the world of bookkeeping. While we can’t know exactly what developments await us, looking back has reminded me of the importance of looking ahead and being ready for what’s coming down the pike.   It’s thrilling to think of what the next five years could bring. To quote one of my favorite visionaries, Willy Wonka (quoting Oscar Wilde), “The suspense is terrible! I hope it will last.”