Did you know that you can send a remittance advice to a contact/supplier to let them know you have paid them? It’s a pretty nice feature. We will walk you through it today with today’s Handy How-To.

What is a Remittance Advice?

First, let’s cover what exactly is a remittance advice. A remittance advice is a notification sent to a supplier to let them know that their bill has been paid. 

How to Create and Send a Remittance Advice

Here are the steps of how to create and send a remittance advice:

Step 1: Before you can email a remittance advice in Xero you will need to record a payment on a bill or create a batch payment.

Step 2: At this point, there is an option to click “send remittance advice” 

Step 3: Create the remittance advice.

You can change the branding theme by clicking on the scroll down box and if you want to customize it, even more, go to Settings> General Settings> Invoice Settings >New Branding Theme.

By clicking the “Send me a copy” box you can make sure to have a copy for your own records.

Step 4: Click Send!

Here’s an example of what the remittance advice might look like:

I hope you liked this Handy How-To!

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