This month we are focusing on collaboration. Of course, the BBB Team’s favorite tool is Xero. Find out how we use features in Xero to collaborate with our clients.

The Discuss Feature

We regularly use the Discuss feature in Xero. The Discuss tab can be found when you have any unreconciled transactions and you are on the reconciliation screen.discuss feature pic 1

We use Discuss to collaborate both with our clients and with our team. We may have a question for a team member to answer and or we may need additional information from the client. Either way, it is a great resource to use. Don’t forget to click the save button when you are done, or all your work will be lost!  One of the nice things about this feature is that the conversation that takes place in Discuss will remain with the transaction after it has been reconciled.

Xero Files

Xero Files is a great place to store important documents, statements, and receipts.  You have the option of creating folders within Xero Folders so that the information can be organized in an orderly fashion. 

When we need any type of sensitive information from a client, we ask for them to upload it to Xero Files rather than sending it as an attachment to an email.  Xero is more secure than email  After a client uploads a document to Xero Files, we may move the document to a folder in Xero Files or we may attach it to a transaction or another area within Xero.  xero files image 1

You can also move an uploaded file from the Xero Files Inbox when you are on certain types of transactions.  We especially like using this to attach receipts.

xero files image 2


With Xero, you can publish reports and they will be saved in Reports>All Reports>Published.  Before Xero, we would email reports to clients or save reports to our secure document portal for clients to download.  But with Xero, we now publish the reports and then just send a quick email to our client that the reports have been published. Not only are the reports secure, but both our clients and our team members have easy access to past published reports.

Xero has many different features that make it easy to collaborate with our clients and even with our team members.  If you are interested in getting more out of Xero’s features – email us today at