January is here and before you know it it will be February! Time flies when you’re working hard doesn’t it? You know, I actually like Mondays. I know what you are thinking and you are probably thinking, “why would anyone like a Monday???” Well I’m here to tell you why, and maybe you will like Mondays more too. I’m also here to tell you that January is like a month long Monday (in lots of ways) and how you can use that to benefit your business and your employees too.

Why I Like Mondays

Okay I may have exaggerated a bit, Mondays are not my favorite day of the week but I DO like them. The reason for this is because Mondays feel like a fresh start to me. I ate  junk food this weekend, that’s okay its Monday now and it doesn’t even count! Didn’t exercise as much as I wanted last week? That’s okay, it’s Monday and I’ll just go ahead and take that Orange Theory on my lunch hour (I actually do this on my lunch hour on Monday and I really like it!). See Monday is very forgiving about last week and it just wipes it all away and says, “It’s okay just start fresh today!”

Mondays for your Business

Did you notice some things last year in your business that you realized needed refining? Now is the perfect time to set goals for 2017. Even though it’s not January first it’s still January and the perfect time to change things up or redefine on your focus. Think of January as the ultimate Monday. It’s a time to refresh, reevaluate and set goals. Don’t forget to write them down!

Empower your Employees

Being the owner of a business you likely are a motivated person. It takes a lot of self motivation to start and run a business. How can you motivate your employees? A lot of employees these days are millennials. Millennials will make up nearly half the workforce by 2020. How can you motivate an millennial? Millennials respond well to goal setting and being involved in the process. Ask your employees where they see the business going and what goals they would like to set with the business. You might be surprised by what they say. 

How to do it

  • Set goals- write them down, think about long term and short term.
  • Motivate employees- ask them what type of goals they have for themselves and for the business.
  • Set an action plan.
  • Stay positive- the goal is progress not perfection, be kind to yourself if it doesn’t happen they way you want the first time you try, just keep working at it.

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