We are very excited about the recently released contact transaction reports in Xero. The new reports will help Xero users to better understand what has taken place with their customers and suppliers.  


Four new contact transaction reports

  • Contact Transactions- Summary 
  • Contact Transactions – Cash
  • Contact Transactions – Receivables
  • Contact Transactions – Payables

How to access the new reports

All four of the reports are accessed by going to Reports>All Reports>Contact Transactions Summary.  To access the individual reports, click on each report you want to view (Receivables, Payables, Cash).

You can also modify the report and then save as a “Custom” report to quickly navigate to it in the future.  All you have to do is click the details you want to show, drag and drop to reorder the columns, and save as a custom report to use again and again.

What we like about the new reports

We especially like that the new reports show what invoice or bill that a payment has been applied to.

Now Xero users can have a fuller view of their customer and supplier’s activity.  This will help everyone to have a clearer picture of what has taken place which will be especially helpful when a customer or supplier has questions about their balance.