We are pretty excited about a new update that Xero just launched. We love the “+”[Plus] feature in Xero and now they have added new ways to use it. The “+” icon is on the top right of the screen and is right next to the Files and Search icons. We love this icon because it allows you to use different common Xero functions without having to navigate far in the app. 


Xero has added the function of spend money and receive money as well as the transfer money to the “+” icon.  This is helpful because we all use those functions a lot within Xero! 

If you are new to using the “+” icon then you are in for a pleasant surprise as you go about using it. There are many other great functions available such as Bills, Quotes, Purchase Orders and Contacts. It’s great to have it so easily accessible from any screen. Xero gives us a handy tip that was new to me! 

“Handy Tip: If you want to open a new window without losing your current page, simply hold down ‘Control‘ & click on the link required and you will see a second window open with the info you require. For Mac users, hold down ‘Command‘ and click the link you require.”

Xero is always looking for ways to help save time and that’s one of the reasons we enjoy partnering with them. If you are interested in trying Xero out, feel free to reach out to us at info@bbbooksinc.com for more information.