Xero has released a new update to their reports. This is exciting because now, with Xero, you can customize almost any aspect of a report. You can even customize the report center experience! We have always loved Xero’s report functions, but this really sets them over the edge.


One new feature is that of the columns. Prior to this release columns were ordered in reverse chronological order, they were all the same time span, and they were continuous. Now you can add budgets and add your own variance calculations. You can also define all the characteristics of the date columns, what time frame they cover, what they are titled and in which order they will show. 

You can compare anything between columns now. Formulas let you calculate variances between any columns, whether actual vs budget or actual vs actual you can compare away. 

There’s many more functions to be experienced in the reporting center! Try it our for yourself and tell us what you think!