The BBB team just got back from XeroCon 2016 in San Francisco. XeroCon is the ultimate accounting technology conference.  Xero is definitely the star of the conference, however the conference goes beyond just highlighting Xero. XeroCon brings together add-ons that work with Xero, other services that can enhance Xero, and a multitude of informative and inspiring sessions. IMG_6870

What a week of activity we had! We found a great flat to stay in.  The location was amazing!  We stayed in the Telegraph Hill neighborhood.  As soon as we stepped out the front door we could see the Transamerica Building and the Bay Bridge.  You know how the streets in San Francisco can be really steep?  Well I think the street we stayed on could be the steepest or one of the steepest in the city.  We got a good work out walking the hills.  And staying together was really nice.


On Monday, I was invited to participate in a pre-conference sessions with one of our clients, Peggy Londre of Willow Glen Electric.  It was a lively session.  The audience had many questions on how we work with our clients and questions for Peggy about her experience as a Xero user in the construction industry.IMG_5240

After the main conference welcome reception Monday evening, the BBB Team had dinner at Kokkari Estuatirio on Jackson Street.  Someone from Xero had told me about this restaurant about two years ago and I had been wanting to go ever since.  What a dinner we had!  It truly was one of the best meals of my life.   Some of the highlights of the meal were a watermelon feta appetizer, a fresh peach salad and the lamb souvlaki. It was a very leisurely meal.  Our reservation was at 8:30 pm and we finished our meal at 11:00 pm.  If you like Greek food and you want a special place for dinner, I highly recommend coming here.IMG_6921

Day One

The main conference started on Tuesday morning.  It was very exciting to hear from Rod Drury, the CEO of Xero, about the vision of where cloud accounting is going and also to hear about the latest product updates in Xero and see a preview of what is coming.  Xero just keeps getting better and better.

Tuesday ended with an awards ceremony.  Awards are given for eight categories.  Imagine our delighted surprise when Beyond Balanced Books was announced as the winner of the Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year!!  The BBB Team went on stage to receive the award (and none of us tripped, thank goodness).  It was really exciting for us!  After the awards ceremony there was a gala and we were treated as VIPs.  I was so happy that the entire BBB Team was there to enjoy this moment.

After the gala we wanted to celebrate a little more.  So we took to Nob Hill and went to The Big 4 at The Scarlet Huntington Hotel for chocolate martinis.  This is such a classy place.  You feel like you have stepped back in time.  It is very intimate with dark paneled walls and with a live piano player. 

Day Two

IMG_5305Wednesday was Day Two of XeroCon.  Jessica and I went to a Women in Business Breakfast at 7:00 am.  What a delight it was when Rod Drury, CEO of Xero, sat at our table at the breakfast session.  We had an opportunity to visit with him a bit too.  Rod is very friendly and overall a nice man. 

One of the highlights of Day Two was a session featuring Mel Robbins.  She spoke on – The 5 – second rule.  No, it was not about the eating food that has dropped on the ground, rather this is a technique to stop the doubts in our own mind that stop us from success. I have already applied the 5 second rule she shared.


On Wednesday afternoon I was on a panel  with three others about marketing.  The thing about being on a panel is that most of the time is spent with Q&A from the audience, so you are not really sure what will be asked.  Our session went well.  We had a lively and engaged audience and it was fun to be able to share some marketing and business tips with them.

We wrapped up the conference by visiting a few last vendors.  Then we took Uber back to the flat (after our first Uber ride we decided that this is the best way to get around in San Francisco)  While talking with our Uber driver, he said that Uber delivers food!  Who knew?  This sounded wonderful to us, so we had a nice evening relaxing at our flat and were able to have a nice dinner without having to go out.

Team Building Day

Our team all works remotely, so we had planned a team building day for Thursday.  We went on a foodie tour.  I have wanted to go on a foodie tour in San Francisco for years and the BBB Team was excited for this.  We had pizza, fish tacos, cheese, gelato, cookies and more.  It was so much fun and we were stuffed when we were done.

Our entire BBB Team thoroughly enjoyed XeroCon.  Accounting technology conferences are anything but boring.  I am already looking forward to XeroCon 2017!