If you are a client that uses invoices in Xero, you likely already know that you can send electronic copies to your customers. However, did you know that you can also send electronic receipts? Let’s see how.

First, locate the invoice payment by going to Bank Account>Account Transactions. Open the transaction.

From the Options Menu in the upper right corner, select Send Receipt or Send Remittance.reciept pic 1

If you have setup your customer in your Contacts, Xero will bring in the email address automatically. If the customer requests receipts be sent to someone else (e.g. Accountant or A/R Technician), you can manually edit it from here. The email address from your User Profile will appear as the recipient. You can select the standard Xero template or create your own custom template. You also have the option to create your own message with the receipt attachment.

recipt image 2

Accounts Receivable Management through electronic receipts & invoices is one of the many strengths Xero provides to our clients. If you need to find a streamlined method of managing your customer activity, contact us at info@bbbooksinc.com for a consultation!