home page websiteAs we announced earlier we are very excited to launch our website! We are planning to launch it later this month so stay tuned! Above is a sneak peak into our home page.  What do you think of it?! It has been a big investment of time and money, but worth the effort.  Today we will share the process we went through. Whether you are looking to update your website or there is another large service you are looking into, this article is for you.

The Process

It has been very interesting (in a good way!) working with our website designers in New Zealand. Because of the distance, we have been able to utilize cloud tools such as Skype, email, and Dropbox. These tools have really come in handy to be able to communicate efficiently with them.

The process has gone by very smoothly for us.  There have been two things that have stood out to us. First their attention to detail, and second their dedication to good customer service.

Attention to Detail

Attention to detail is important in most things, but especially in something as big as a website. The copy, images and even colors play a big part in the finished product and the message you are sending to visitors of your website. It’s important to have people on hand that are detail minded with these types of things.

Customer Service

We have experienced incredible customer service all along our journey. Good customer service is imperative in the website design because a website should really show the personality of the business and the people behind it. We have appreciated their timely responses and their hand holding through the way.

Overall the process has been very smooth and we are excited to launch our website later this month. We hope that sharing our story regarding our journey with our new website might help you in a similar journey you might experience with your own business.