harvest logoWe like to feature Add Ons for Xero that we find especially useful. This month we are featuring Harvest. Harvest is a time tracking application. It integrates well with Xero and is easy to use!

What we like about it: It features an interface that is easy to use and can be accessed anywhere. The bright orange color is nice too! Somehow it makes tracking your time fun to do.

On Harvest you are able to manage projects, track employee hours and monitor expenses easily. You can either set the timer or let it run while you work or you can enter time manually. Harvest also features applications for both the Android and iPhone so you can use it on the go. Let’s face it, most work these days isn’t just 9-5 sitting at the computer, so we find this particular feature especially useful.

Harvest can also monitor time spent on a specific project. This can be useful to find out, track, and budget time spent on a specific project. Harvest also allows you to track expenses related to a specific project or task. If you are using a mobile app you can even attach a picture of your receipts and attach it to your expense reports. This means that Harvest helps you store all those receipts electronically.

Once a budget is entered into Harvest you can set up notifications to inform you of when a project is reaching budget so you never will be surprised again by going over budget. You can also generate all types of reports in Harvest as well.

Integration with Xero

Harvest integrates very well with Xero. Harvest invoices and payments are copied directly to Xero. You can view the contact information, itemized descriptions and totals.

The integration also handles coding invoice line items into their proper revenue accounts. You’ll need to assign item codes and/or contacts to a Revenue Account in Xero. Then, when a Harvest Invoice is copied to Xero, each line item is mapped to it’s respective Xero revenue account.harvest blog post

If you are interested in trying Harvest you can try it for free for 30 days here.  If you wanting more information of switching over to Xero, email us at info@bbbooksinc.com.