So now you know how to use the keyboard shortcuts (see last blog post) but now you want to know all about this new search tool. We did too! It was a big deal when the Global Search feature was released. We heard about it all over the Xero world! We tested it ourselves and now we are here to show you how to get the most out of Xero Global Search.

What you can do with Global Search:

  • Search for text inside bills, invoices, purchase orders, contacts and bank transactions
  • Add a new contact, purchase order, invoice, bill, or quote from any screen in Xero
  • Search for contacts and transaction from any screen in Xero.

One of the reasons why we really like Global Search is it’s ease of use. You can be working on something but also need to look for a specific invoice or transaction. Now you don’t have to leave the page you are on, to do that. You just type what you are looking for in in the search bar and you can see what you are looking for right there. We love how much time it saves us.

We love Xero Global Search and are looking forward to further improvements as well, such as being able to search for the transaction amount. Check out the video to learn how to get started using Global Search!