Can you believe it’s already the new year! If you have been thinking about changing your payroll service, now is the best time to switch.

Gusto, formerly known as ZenPayroll, is a great payroll service. We know from experience because we use it for our payroll here at Beyond Balanced Books. We have many clients who use it and they love it as well. Here are some of the features we love:Gusto overview

The Gusto dashboard makes everything easy to use, Gusto even offers benefits and workers compensation. It’s great to have all of those available from one source. We love how they make it so personal, there’s even a feature for the employers to send a note along with the paystub to their employees. Our employees especially like receiving an email from Gusto each payday saying “Congratulations, you got paid today!” How can you not be in a good mood after that? 

You can also pay your subcontractors with Gusto and Gusto will file their 1099s.  Gusto is designed to make the lives of busy businesses owners easier.

We love how Gusto integrates seamlessly with Xero. Each time you run a payroll in Gusto the details of the transaction are automatically synced with your Xero account. After the sync is complete, a payroll bill will be waiting for you in your Xero account and will contain all tax and wage expenses as well as liabilities. Once approved, it will be ready for bank reconciliation with the Xero bank feed. 

Gusto is also very affordable. The pricing is only $29 base and $6 per employee after that. For example If you have five employees the monthly cost is just $59.  That’s a steal!

Go to and check out their interactive demo to see if Gusto is the payroll solution for you.  Now is the best time to switch!  We are at the beginning of the calendar year and currently Gusto is offering the first two months for free.  Don’t wait any longer to switch to Gusto.

We are here to help.  Email us at to discuss how we can assist you in moving to Gusto today!