Do you wish you had your own personal assistant? One that collected all your paperwork and put it right where you needed it and had it available at any given time for you? One that did all the data entry for you? Are you tired of your bookkeeper asking you for your paperwork?

Hubdoc one pagerWe were too. But we found a solution – Hubdoc.

Hubdoc is a great add on for for Xero. It integrates very well with Xero.

We love Hubdoc. I’m here to tell you why we love Hubdoc, and how you can get started using it today.

Hubdoc Features

Hubdoc really is a “Hub” for all your documents. It automatically fetches your online bills and bank statements and stores them in the Hub.

  • It even fetches from places like Amazon and your cable company. It will pull 12-18 months back, which is great if you are trying to go paperless.
  • You can even upload from your computer with drag and drop
  • Use the Hubdoc app to take pictures of your receipts, and have them in the Hub. No more receipts floating around
  • Stores all company data in one place – statements, receipts, bills, insurance policies
  • One folder for every bank account, or vendor. Keeps everything organized

Hubdoc Loves Xero

  • Hubdoc integrates very well with Xero.
  • Select which documents you want pushed to Xero, and Hubdoc extracts key data and automatically creates a bill in Xero with a source document attached to it. That means less data entry for everyone involved.
  • You can even have statements automatically sent to Xero files, that way if you need to review anything it’s all there in Xero.

Are you ready to get started?Hubdoc add accpunt revised

  1. Ask us to set up an account for you
  2. Login to your account and click on “Add Account”
  3. Find your company using the search bar
  4. Enter your credentials
  5. Hubdoc will start fetching the data and organizing it for you.

When you are done with these steps you will have set up your first account in Hubdoc!