By using Xero Online Quotes, you can email clients quotes and they can accept with the click of a button. As with many other features in Xero, online quotes are simple to use.

First, go to the Sales tab. At the bottom of the screen, you will see a section where you can quickly find any draft, sent, accepted, or expired quotes.  To create a new quote, click on the drop down menu next to New as shown below and choose Quote.



Once, you are done entering all the details for the quote, click send. A window will appear that allows you to edit the email that will be sent to your client. If you click the box at the bottom of the screen, a copy will also be sent to your email.


When you click send, your client will receive an email containing a link to the online quote as well as a PDF of the quote.



When the recipient follows the link, they can accept, decline, or comment on the quote.



At the bottom of the quote screen, under History & Notes, you can see if the quote has been viewed by the recipient. If the recipient recorded a comment, the comment will also appear in this area.



If the quote has been accepted and the work completed, the quote can be copied to an invoice by going to Options>Copy to…>Invoice.