The placeholder function in Xero, allows the user to create dynamic repeating invoices and bills. You can insert a placeholder on any line of a repeating invoice template and Xero will use the placeholder to insert the indicated week, month or year when creating the invoices.

For example, say that you invoice your customers on the 15th of every month for the following month and you would like for this to be clearly indicated on each invoice.

First, in the New Repeating Invoice screen, fill in all the repeating information as you would normally.

Next, when you click in the Reference box, you will notice that to the right a blue drop down menu appears for inserting placeholders. As shown in the image below, you can choose week (of the calendar year), month, year, week year and month year.


By adding +/-, you can change the placeholder value. For our scenario, we want the reference to reflect the next month as well as the year so we would choose Month Year. Within the bracketed function, we will enter +1. For the description, we want it to read “Services for” followed by the month only. So we will choose, Month and again enter +1.


When we click on Preview Placeholders, at the bottom next to Save. A window appears that displays what will show on the actual invoice created, as shown below.


Now, each month, when the invoice is created if will show the correct month in the reference and description.

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