cloud1As our workforce becomes more mobile, cloud accounting provides a tremendous convenience by allowing users to access the accounting system from any computer connected to the internet. If you have any of the following situations, you will benefit from this feature:

  • You work in multiple locations, such as your home and office, and you use different computers.
  • Any of your employees work at home or a different location from you.
  • You don’t have a server that connects PCs.
  • Your bookkeeper, tax preparer, or CPA needs periodic access to your files and works in a different location.
  • Your bookkeeper, tax preparer, or CPA now travels to your location and charges for travel time or has an increased onsite rate that would be reduced if they had internet access.

Because every company only has one accounting file, when you move that file from a private PC to cloud accounting where it can be accessed simultaneously by multiple people, then you can save a lot of labor and frustration for your team. Correspondingly, if you are the only person that needs to access your accounting file, you will not benefit from this feature.