As part of our Xero services, we generate reports for our clients. Xero makes it easy to deliver these reports to our clients.

Here is an example of how we share reports with our clients.

1)            We save the reports in Xero.









 2)            Our client logs into Xero and goes to Reports>All Reports.









 3)            Our client clicks on Published and then clicks on the report they would like to see (such as Management Report above).

The reports in Published remain static with only the transactions that were in the Xero account when the report was generated.

What I love about using this feature is that we no longer need to save the report somewhere else and then email a link for our clients to download the reports. Also, everyone knows where all of the reports are at all times. And since an unlimited number of users are included in each Xero subscription, reports can be shared with others such as the client’s CPA.

The stored reports feature is only one of many ways that Xero is changing accounting.