Xero came out with the feature of Files in 2013. Have you had a chance to use Files yet? Files allows you to attach PDF, pictures and other images right in your Xero data file.

Here is one example of how we have been using Files with our clients to share the bank and credit card statements.









Notice the folder icon on the blue bar above. This is the Files icon.

Xero allows you to create multiple folders. We generally will create a folder for each bank account.

To upload to a folder you just need to click on the folder name (CC 1 Stmts in our example above). Then click on the +Upload files button.

Point to where you have saved a copy of your statement on your local computer.

Choose Open.

This is only one example of how to use Files. You can also attach images to Invoices, Credit Notes, Bills, Checks, Receipts and New Asset transactions.

The Files feature is only one of many ways that Xero is changing accounting. Why don’t you try using Files today!