The movies have certainly done a good job of exaggerating and making fun of accountants and their personalities.

It might be true – most accountants are too honest for their own good. With tongue in cheek, here are five talents of the typical accounting personality and how to put them to best use:

1. Straight-faced.

Ok, so our sense of humor leaves something to be desired, but someone has to keep a straight face when the IRS arrives. One of the best at this was Bob Newhart, a famous comedian known for his deadpan. He’s known for his sitcoms, The Bob Newhart Show (1970s), where he played a psychologist, and the 1980s show Newhart where he played an innkeeper. The fact that Bob’s career started out in accounting may explain a lot.

2. A knack for numbers.

When a big group goes out for dinner or drinks and wants to settle the check, it’s handy to have your accountant around. Who else will be able to let everyone know what they owe, get it correct down to the penny (and yes – I mean penny), collect it from everyone, and settle that restaurant bill in less than ten minutes? Now that’s talent. (Hint: Why, we’d love to go to lunch with you next week. Thanks for asking.)

3. Stylish (not).

You’ll look pretty chic next to your accountant, especially if he is sporting his adored pocket protector. Well, at least most of us left the green eyeshades, visors, and armbands home a few decades ago.

4. Count on us to count.

We know. No one wants to be the treasurer of the Toastmasters Club, the Lions, the Rotary, or the Masons. But we love doing this job, so you can count on us to count the club money.

5. Musical.

What do musical artists Kenny G., Gibby Haynes (lead singer of The Butthole Surfers), and Tim DuBois (country singer) have in common? They are all accountants. It’s an interesting fact that individuals who are good in accounting and programming also have a natural talent for music.

Next time your band needs a stand-in, consider asking your accountant. They may be a closet musician.

Accountants are pretty good at helping you with your business, too. Let us know how we can help you with yours.